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Biscuit Thickness Validation (HPDC)

Abstract: This time I have found one more solution for biscuit thickness validation in high pressure die casting. In this paper we will discuss, what is biscuit thickness?, why we need to identify right biscuit thickness?, how we can validate right biscuit thickness? and effect of biscuit thickness variation. This paper is all about to clear all myth to calculate biscuit thickness in high pressure die casting. This is very serious business when we are calculating biscuit thickness to avoid casting defect. Through this paper I would like to share this knowledge and I hope it will helpful to others. “Keep learning till death “.

Keywords: (Biscuit thickness, plunger, hpdc, die casting, casting defect, solidification)

Biscuit thickness ! is a thickness of initial runner wh...

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Hidden Parameter High Pressure Die Casting

Abstract: Casting manufacturing from LPDC, GDC and HPDC process show some defect or you can say some variation in defect quantity. For supplying quality product to customer these defect variation must be reduced. In this work we try to make logical relation between hidden parameter and defect variation. Current problem is that we set all process parameter and run die than validate with minimum defect %. But problem will come after bulk production, we found overall 15-20% rejection. Even after strong validation of machine and die parameter.

Key Words: die casting, rejection variation, pour, ladle, shot sleeve, temperature, filling time, heat loss, plunger high speed.

We are at steady die casting solutions work to make best die casting process...

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